Good Mood Grocer Loves Local!

by Good Mood Grocer

In Good Mood Grocer, we support all types of businesses coming from all the different parts of the world. But, we could never forget about our well-loved and locally-built brands that have gained the spotlight in the recent months or years. With this, we’re doing a quick roundup of a few of our favorite local brands (and best-kept secrets!) that our customers swear by. Try these out and give yourself a Good Mood day!

 Oohaw Kombucha

This pandemic baby has proven itself to be resilient even beyond the lockdown times. Oohaw Kombucha’s full-bodied craft kombucha and refreshing all-natural ginger beer has become a staple for many of Good Mood Grocer’s customers up until this day. With drinks that are carefully crafted with the best and freshest ingredients, the team of Oohaw Manila ensures that each bottle never fails to burst with flavor and give people that extra kick of fizz. Their best-selling bottled kombucha comes in seven exciting flavors (trust us, it’s so hard to pick a favorite!) that cater to any and every flavor preference. Whether you’re looking for a simple daily staple, a bold and heavily-bodied flavor, or a fresh tropical take on kombucha, Oohaw’s got it all for you! Try it for yourself to experience all the wonderful benefits of this probiotic powerhouse!

Liang Cha

For those looking for a more exciting take on your daily dose of caffeine - this is the perfect product for you. 100% homemade and made with no preservatives, Liang Cha’s on-the-Go herbal tea drinks give top-quality, immunity-boosting benefits that are sure to leave you wanting more. Their top-selling drink, the Chinese red dates (also known as Jujube) with snow mushrooms herbal tea is well known for improving digestion, boosting the immune system, calming and de-stressing, and even enhancing skin elasticity! Liang Cha’s tea range also features tea blends that you can take home for your own brewing. We suggest the Cheer Me Up, a soothing tea to alleviate menstrual cramps, or the Stay Gorgeous skin-boosting tea to improve skin health.

Lerio Chocolate

To all the chocolate lovers out there - one of our best-kept secrets and favorite local finds called Lerio Chocolates. The brand’s premium specialty chocolate products are created from single-estate cacao sourced from Rosario, Agusan del Sur, Philippines. You’d be surprised as well that they cater to a wide range of intensitiess - from 35% specialty cacao those looking for sweeter chocolate, up to 70% specialty cacao chocolates for those looking for bolder and deeper flavors. Try out their chocolate bars, or level it up witth Lerio’s choco nut spreads that pair well with your freshly-toasted bread, best for breakfast or for an afternoon boost. Definitely another great snack idea!


All items and brands featured above can be found in Good Mood Grocer’s physical store at Unit 106, 94 Katipunan Avenue, White Plains, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines, or can be purchased online through our online grocery at []( We offer same-day delivery for Metro Manila addresses!