Meal Prepping Made Good ❤️

by Good Mood Grocer

Meal prep is a great way to manage time and control food portions, but this can sound too boring or unexciting for most. Because food is an important part of keeping our energies up, it’s as important to be smart about the food we consume and how we go about this. This doesn’t mean exhausting our energies into thinking and planning, but rather simplifying the process so that it becomes a breeze! We know it’s easier said than done, so here are five tips and tricks to ensure that meals are made good for yourself, and even for the whole family!


Good Mood’s Insider Tip #1: Plan ahead

The key is in the “prep” of “meal prep”! Take down notes, bring out your trusty calendar, and schedule your meals down. Do what is easiest or most convenient for you! If you’ve never done meal planning before, you can begin by simply laying out a few meals or snacks that you already enjoy in your current routine. Build this up by completing your own kind of meal with grains, proteins, vegetables, and fruits. You’ll eventually get the rhythm and balance of figuring out what you want to eat, and what you need for a healthy and balanced diet!

Good Mood’s Insider Tip #2: Easy-to-cook ingredients do the trick

Good food will keep you fueled throughout the week - but good doesn’t always mean complicated or complex. Cook up a hearty meal with simple, fuss-free, easy-to-cook ingredients using our Good Adlai, Just Go Low Carb Keto Loaves, UnMeat Meat-Free treats for a quick and simple meal!

Good Mood’s Insider Tip #3: Discover what type of prep works for you

Find a system that works for you! While some people cook their meals at the start of the week, another tip we recommend is to assemble ahead, and cook later. This gives you the same benefit of planning your meal ahead and consuming them fresh each day. Try out our best-selling Falafels or Samosas from Love Guru for a weekday lunch, or Pizza from Pizza Plant that can easily be cooked for weekend family dinners!

Good Mood’s Insider Tip #4: Storage is key

Getting the right containers for your premade meals is key to keeping food fresh throughout the week. Try reusable storage bags from Stasher for example! Pro tip: Stasher bags are available in sizes specific to each type of meal or food you’d like to store. Whether it’s a lunch sandwich, frozen goods, or even food as big as sourdough bread - we’ve got the right sizes in-store to suit your daily needs! What’s even better is that Stasher bags are microwave safe and toxic free. Don’t be afraid of investing in these storage bags ‘cause you can reuse them a million times over!

Good Mood’s Insider Tip #4: Have fun with it!

The best part about meal prep is the freedom you get in planning and consuming your meals. Allow yourself to have fun and explore different types of food and go crazy with it! Find what suits your style best, from preparation up until savoring your last bite. Whether you prefer following recipes or doing things spontaneously, cooking in one go or on the daily, there’s a lot of creativity you can put into meal prep! Make it your own and enjoy the process - we’re sure all the good meals will be worth it.


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